Vault crackme tutorial (serial fishing)

Monday, May 09 2005 @ 06:26 PM CEST

Contributed by: warezhog

Level : newbie

Serial fishing using Ollydbg. (For absolute newbies only)

Well, this whole crackme should take you about one minute to crack.

I used two programs:

I remeber doing this crackme a while ago when I first started screwing around with debuggers and such. I think it was harder for me then, but who knows.

Well, download the vault.exe [file:20050506112739941 here] and save it to your desktop (that is where I usually work on files because of its ease of location). Then make a backup in another folder (always make a backup).

Step One:
Drag the exe file into PEiD to see if there is any sort of protection... Nope, it is pure Assembly so we are good to go.

Step Two:
Right click on the vault.exe file and select open with OllyDbg (if you don't have this option, then open OllyDbg and go to Options->Add to Explorer)
This will open the exe in the program. Hit F9 to run the program (you may need to Alt+Tab to pull the program to the front after it is run), it will ask you for the name and the key. Enter anything in there and you will see it says: "No Access!"
Well, that is no good. Go ahead and close the exe and hit Alt+F2, this will reload the program. Now go to the CPU menu in OllyDbg (that is the big one with the Blue C in the upper left hand corner of it) and right click anywhere and go to: Search for-> All referenced text strings.

That should pop up a window that shows about 6 strings total. The first two seem interesting:

Robin Banks

Hmmm... that seems odd. The first one looks like a name and the second one looks like a key.

Let's copy those down on a piece of paper or copy and paste them into a notepad file. Then hit F9 to run the program again, put: Robin Banks in the name area and: 8dS#9d2?@$ in the key area. What do you know?!! It Worked!!

I know that this is about as easy as we can get, but hey, you gotta start somewhere. There is an even easier way to get the serial and name, but I will save that one for my next tutorial on an actual generated serial.