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How to stop the timer on Solitaire


TutorialsLevel : beginner

How to halt the timer in the solitaire cardgame.

Dedication: My best friend Error_Vir
Food: Ruffles and nectarine juice
Music: Falcon - Cosmic outflow.xm

This tutorial I dedicate especially to my old friend Error_Vir.

And as one of the famous quote follows:
"one time of time on the time at of the time i dont remember it"

For more information on my friend you can find on the following webpage
here; that is dedicated to him.

Enough blabla's. Proceed to tutorial.

Ok. The tool that we will to use is OllyDbg. (Ollydbg)

Alright, sol.exe can be found (obviously, if you didn't need to free
some space up on your HDD by deleting it) in %windir%system32sol.exe.
(on my computer it's C:WINNTsystem32sol.exe)

So let's debug this tiny little app.

Oh, if you're asking why I chose sol.exe I simply find it the best
game for the boring days. Try to combine it with some demoscene music
(scenemusic, ojuice).
Fits perfectly for boring and raining days :-)

BY THE WAY, I won a game in 51 seconds (without any time hacks).
That's my highest score, I also had scores like 71 seconds, 78, 82, ...

Open ollydbg, File->Open and type "%windir%system32sol.exe" there.

Press F9 to run Solitaire.

As you might have(n't) noticed, the timer starts when you click anywhere
on the game. Example click on a card. Cool, the timer started!

To restart the timer, goto ollydbg Debug->Restart->Yes->Press F9.
We restarted the game.

Sometimes in cracking,

(as my old friend says,
"in the cracking = idont have time to write all thinges")

I dont have the time to explain all things.

So don't ask me why I picked this way. There are (probably) other ways for
cracking this application, but I prefer the ninja-style.

HOWEVER, back to work. The ninja-style is the following.
We must defeat Solitaire in the easiest way. How do we do that?
Simply. Notice the string "Time: %d" ? :-)

In Ollydbg, View->Memory. Right click anywhere, click Search.

Search for HEX val: 54 00 69 00 6D 00 65 00 3A
(meaning "Time:" with a zero in between every char)

This is very important. Before setting a breakpoint make sure you activate the
timer first, because if you don't activate it Olly will break all the time
and the Timer will be =0 so NO use.

Anyway, we found it. While the text we searched for is highlighted,
right click on it and set a breakpoint on memory access.

Ollydbg IMMEDIATELY breaks, this is a good sign.

Once ollydbg lands us on the physical memory, press ALT+F9 to get back
to the user's memory.

We are here:

0100243B . C2 0800 RETN 8

Now as we step out from this procedure this is what we see:

01005372 |. 8DB445 48FFFFF>LEA ESI,DWORD PTR SS:[EBP+EAX*2-B8]
01005379 |. 8B45 08 MOV EAX,DWORD PTR SS:[EBP+8]
0100537C |. 8B40 34 MOV EAX,DWORD PTR DS:[EAX+34]
0100537F |. C1F8 02 SAR EAX,2
01005382 |. 50 PUSH EAX ; /Arg2
01005383 |. 56 PUSH ESI ; |Arg1
01005384 |. E8 4ECFFFFF CALL sol.010022D7 ; sol.010022D7

As you can notice (by looking at the code a bit), this procedure sets up the string
like "Text: %d". That means that %d is received in some other procedure (e.g. previous).

You can notice that this works out the text by entering that call at 01005384
and by scrolling down a bit you can find the next API as well:

010053B9 |. FF15 04110001 CALL DWORD PTR DS:[] ; DrawTextW

This procedure starts at 01005349 /$ 55 PUSH EBP.
That means that our previous procedure ends on
01005347 .^EB E5 JMP SHORT sol.0100532E and starts on 010052CF /$ 56 PUSH ESI

You can notice this easily by looking at Olly's arrows.

Good looking procedure is:

010052CF /$ 56 PUSH ESI
010052D0 |. 57 PUSH EDI


010052EF |. 75 3B JNZ SHORT sol.0100532C
010052F1 |. 8B46 34 MOV EAX,DWORD PTR DS:[ESI+34]
010052F4 |. 68 FE7F0000 PUSH 7FFE
010052F9 |. 40 INC EAX
010052FA |. 50 PUSH EAX
010052FB |. E8 CCD0FFFF CALL sol.010023CC


0100533F |. E8 770A0000 CALL sol.01005DBB
01005344 |> 6A 01 PUSH 1
01005346 |. 58 POP EAX
01005347 .^EB E5 JMP SHORT sol.0100532E

Not the whole though, its big enough.

Anyway, about the ninja-style, here we go.
Instead of looking at the code you simply check every opcode and hunt it.
Something like a manual brute-force or so. That's just my way.

So, we set a breakpoint on 010052F1 and press F9 to run. Once we landed there,
in the DUMP Window right click then Goto->Expression and then type ESI+34.

Remove the breakpoint and press F9. Cool, the value in the Dump window changes on every
second, which means that that is our counter :-)

But how is it getting increased? Well, simple enough.

010052F1 |. 8B46 34 MOV EAX,DWORD PTR DS:[ESI+34]
010052F4 |. 68 FE7F0000 PUSH 7FFE
010052F9 |. 40 INC EAX

in EAX, Bill Gates puts the address of the counter and then he increases EAX.

How to stop this? Replace "INC EAX" with "NOP" (40h->90h)

Time hast been stopped! (no, "hast" is not a mistake, its the German way!)

Well, that is all for now my friend, I hope you understood something from this tutorial.
Or maybe not? Who cares anyway, it's already written ;)


And once again, the day is safe with NO thanks to the power puff girls.
Greetings (in no order):

Detten, bluffer, Zephyrous, |Tanatos| (br0tha), miele, minos,
parabytes, sort lafarge, junk|e, cektop, pumqara and whoever else I forgot :-)

This tutorial (has no) copyright
written June, 2005

Please ignore the humor (if any) in this tutorial.

School year ended, woohoo! Happiness and Sun :-)

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BoR0: here;
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How to stop the timer on Solitaire
Authored by: joe on Sunday, July 03 2005 @ 12:44 AM CEST
There is simple & functional method. But I have only one comment: In Your used tools You have old (not functional link to OllyDbg). Working links is:
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