berial 0.07 - manually unpacking

Wednesday, November 30 2005 @ 10:23 AM CET

Contributed by: haggar

Level : intermediate

beria 0.07 public WIP - manually unpacking tutorial

Beria is another small and simple freeware PE file protector. What interesting in beria is, that it works similar to well known armadillo. Well, only in some aspects. It is two process protection, a debugger and debuggee. But, beria doesn't have any kind of anty-debug tricks or code obfuscation, and that is very nice since we can learn how protectors that debug theirselfs works. This tutorial will just present one way how beria can be unpacked and that is how did I do done it.

Tutorial with target, unpacked target, script and packer itself is here

Enjoy :)