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 Monday, October 25 2021 @ 08:55 AM CEST

using Gas to assemble with intel syntax


CodingLevel : newbie

OS : linux
Language : asm

you might have read my earlier article on using gcc with inlined intel syntax
continuing with that article i now present you an article that shows how to
do assembly with gas using Intel Syntax so all those masm programmers wont be
lost in the maze of % $ + reversed dest,src At&T syntax and GAS

.intel_syntax #noprefix stick this directive on top


foo: .asciz "hello from GAS using intel_syntax\n" #notice : after foo ? A label needs that colon in GAS

faa: .asciz "the length of the string foo is 0x%x ok or in decimal %d long\n"

#this .bss is the one you have to use instead of .data? (you masmers)

.lcomm len,4 #equivalent to len dd ?

.global start #some requirement that kills lot of linker warnings so stick this here

#lets play our game as usual  free of % $ + reversed whatever superior syntax crap

        push    offset foo
        call    strlen
        add     esp,4
        mov     len,eax
        push    len
        push    len
        push    offset faa
        call    printf
        add     esp,0xc
        push    offset foo
        call    printf
        add     esp,4
        push    1
        call    exit

#no end start directive here

ok now we assemble and link this like this

i created a .sh file so that i dont have to type or hit arrow keys

the contents are as below

as -o testas.o testas.s
ld -o testas testas.o -defsym _start=start --dynamic-linker=/lib/ /usr/lib/ -s

thanks goes to mammon for the linker commandline the defsym symbol=name
argument is to override a linker warning that looks for _start symbol
-s = strip those symbol info that gets embedded

as doesnt accept comments or i dont know how to make it accept :)

edit ok i found out the comment is denoted by # symbol so it assembles
without warning i updated the code to reflect it
also i added stack cleanup code so the ht display below will different from the code above

ok run that

now that we have assembled and linked lets run this baby and see if it runs

the length of the string foo is 0x22 ok or in decimal 34 long
hello from GAS using intel_syntax

runs nice

lets disassemble this with ht and see how it looks :)

  ....... ! ;******************************************************************                   
  ....... ! ;  section 9 <.text>                                                                  
  ....... ! ;  virtual address  080481f4  virtual size   00000036                                 
  ....... ! ;  file offset      000001f4  file size      00000036                                 
  ....... ! ;******************************************************************                   
  ....... !                                                                                       
  ....... ! ;****************************                                                         
  ....... ! ;  executable entry point                                                             
  ....... ! ;****************************                                                         
  ....... ! entrypoint:                                                                           
  ....... !   push        strz_hello_from_GAS_using_intel_sy_804922c                              
  80481f9 !   call        strlen                                                                  
  80481fe !   mov         [?data_8049348], eax                                                    
  8048203 !   push        dword ptr [?data_8049348]                                               
  8048209 !   push        dword ptr [?data_8049348]                                               
  804820f !   push        strz_the_length_of_the_string_foo__804924f                              
  8048214 !   call        printf                                                                  
  8048219 !   push        strz_hello_from_GAS_using_intel_sy_804922c                              
  804821e !   call        printf                                                                  
  8048223 !   push        1                                                                       
  8048225 !   call        exit                                                                    
  .......   ;******************************************************************                   
  .......   ;  end of section <.text>                                                             
  .......   ;******************************************************************                   
Source can be found here

thats all for now happy coding with intel syntax


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