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 Wednesday, September 22 2021 @ 03:34 AM CEST

SDProtector Pro 1.12 - anti debug reference


TutorialsLevel : advanced

SDProtector Pro 1.12 - anti debug reference

SDProtector is nice protector with tons of anti-debug tricks. It is very hard to run protected target within debugger. Tutorial will try to show most of those tricks. Target is SDProtector Pro 1.12 itself. Tools that are used in tutorial are usuall unpacking tools (PEiD, olly, ImpREC, LordPE, hex editor) but also, this tutorial requires that you have Windows XP operating system.

This is second version of tutorial, an updated one.

It covers probably all anti-debug tricks, explains how Olly is detected, encrypted code and embedded protection.

Because tutorial is pretty long, it is available for download in rich text format. The archive itself is very small. Enjoy ;)

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SDProtector Pro 1.12 - anti debug reference
Authored by: haggar on Monday, July 31 2006 @ 07:13 PM CEST
I have updated some parts of the tutorial and now it cowers almost all protection features. Tutorial is long, in a plain text it's hard to read it and I don't have will to format it in HTML, so I just attached it.
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