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 Sunday, September 25 2022 @ 04:01 PM CEST

Site offline


NewsThe site has been down for approx. 24h because of a short circuit in the server rack. The entire rack has been replaced with new hardware, and a backup of max. 24h old has been put up.

So it might be possible that a forum post from the last 24h is no longer there, if it is please repost. I'm sorry for the troubles it caused.

I hope nobody went insane of the thought his preferred website was unreachable :p

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Site offline
Authored by: moniker on Friday, August 11 2006 @ 01:27 AM CEST
nice, job.

Don't think we could expect mutch more from our webmaster when we would be actually paying for it;)

Replacing an entire rack for 1 short circuit... well it's effective i'll give it that.
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