CrackMe 1.0 By Devoney

Monday, January 29 2007 @ 03:09 AM CET

Contributed by: Devoney

Level : 2/10
OS : windows
Language : Asm

Hi you Cracker,

Some of you might have heard from me ( And thereby know that I am not much of a coder in masm32 (asm).

But I made a crackme....

You have to find the password Patching is ofcourse possible but that is not the goal of this crackme. This crackme has a few anti-debug tricks. The file is not packed (I don't even know how to).

Do you take the challenge to crack this app made by a Noob ;) ??

[file:20070129030905204 CrackMe 1.0 By Devoney]

If you managed to crack it, mail the correct password to

Grtz Devoney