CrackMe 2.0 by Devoney

Thursday, February 01 2007 @ 11:32 PM CET

Contributed by: Devoney

Level : 5/10
OS : windows
Language : pure asm

Hi Crackers,
I have made a new, harder CrackMe. Were you challenged by the first one? Or was it a piece of cake? This one is a bit harder.... it is NOT packed though.

Rules: no rules

Yeah that is right, with the first CrackMe patching was a quiete lame solution. This one is a little bit based on the previous one, it also uses an encryption. This time the result of the encryption is more important! Patch what you want with this one and good luck!

You have to reveal/find the secret text. If you have found the secret text (or you think you do) go to Fill in you secret as fp.php?x=secret_text The php script will say to you if you have the correct text or not....

File:Download the CrackMe

Goodluck and Enjoy,

P.S. If you managed to crack this one, I really like to know how! PM me or leave a comment if you succeed (or if you need a tip)!

CrackMe 2.0 by Devoney