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 Thursday, October 06 2022 @ 08:46 AM CEST

Reversme : add resources


CrackmesLevel : 1/10
OS : windows
Language : C

- Add 2 new sub menu-items under the menu-item 'File'.
- Call one of them 'Info'.
- The other one 'hide'.
- Add a seperator between 'hide' and 'exit'.
- Make the 'Info' button display an alert(OK button) with the text "Net Force Reverse Engineering Challenge".
- Disable the 'hide' button so you can't click it anymore and it's gray.
- Change the text "Hello World!" into "Reverse Engineering is cool!".
- Write a full tutorial on how you did it.
- Patch hello.exe and make everything work.

Tools to use:

- Dissambler (i.e. ollydbg)
- Patcher (or HEX editor / Ollydbg)
- HEX editor
- The use of a Resource Editor is strictly forbidden!!!

Good luck!

Reversme : add resources

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Reversme : add resources
Authored by: rhican on Sunday, September 09 2007 @ 02:40 PM CEST
You should really stop listing challenges from challenge sites

Btw by literally copying you violate the and hence Marijn copyright.

I won't send you my solution, other members i would suggest you submit your stuff there might be fun.

It's an easy challenge, why bother this site with it? Most crackits on that website are really easy for the readers here, but it could be fun. And it's a way that a new generation can get an incentive in studying the art of reverse engineering. Lets not ruin that by making the challenges googleable?

Doesn't BiW have a rule against this?
Reversme : add resources
Authored by: detten on Monday, September 10 2007 @ 08:06 PM CEST
How would I know if this is a challenge on some other reversing site?
It was submitted by a user who could be the original author of the reverseme.

The binary seemed so trivial that I didn't even bother to do a search. It takes less than 3 minutes to code it, so lets not bother discussing it.

Oh and off the record, solutions to our challenges have been posted elsewhere aswell... you can't stop the spreading of knowledge ;) People taking that challenge site seriously won't search for a solution anyway, it spoils the fun.
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