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 Thursday, October 06 2022 @ 10:33 AM CEST

CrackMe 3.0 by Devoney


CrackmesLevel : 6/10
OS : windows
Language : Assembly

The FBI has intercepted a program which contains important information. The program needs a code to give the information free, but the FBI and CIA are clueless and has asked you, as a professional cracker, to get the information from the program.

The Story of the FBI:
A Russian maffia group who call them selfs Brevihock are planning an attack on the american ambasy in Berlin (Germany). Atleast that is what the cought suspect says. He says it has something to do with a recently researched technology in a Russian laboratory about radio-active radiation. This is all the suspect swears to know. He does not know when the attack is going to take place. The Russian goverment is clueless too because all of the research institutes have to report their foundings to the goverment but nothing of this has been reported, and the Russian police is drowning in the loads of paperwork to go through, seeing if they can find any of this in the research documents taken from the laboratories.

The FBI can not get their hands on the documents because Russia wont cooperate by sharing the documents, and there by sharing all of their researched technologies of the last couple of years.

The FBI has managed to crack the email of the suspect though. This resulted in some information about corrupted professors on the payroll in Russia and the role of the suspect in this case.
The suspect needed to provide some goods to the laboratory so they can finish the weapon.

In one of the emails there was an applications (windows based) which should contain the exact location of the laboratory. The application needs some kind of code. How hard the FBI tries, the suspect claims to have forgotten the code.... We know that it is not the truth but more he wont spit.

Crack the application and find the location.

** Tested on Windows Xp and Vista **
Once you have the location, check it out, and you will know if you have the correct location or not. If you doubt anyway then PM me. If you needs tips, then post a comment.

CrackMe 3.0 by Devoney

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CrackMe 3.0 by Devoney
Authored by: RUFUS on Monday, November 19 2007 @ 08:31 PM CET
lol i need help on this, i disabled the is debugger present :P! but dunno wat to do next :(! halp!! :D
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