Detten Crackme 11 : A little story...

Thursday, March 13 2008 @ 06:45 PM CET

Contributed by: detten

Level : 5/10
OS : windows
Language : C++

Nitwit : Professor Nitwit speaking...

Rascall: Professor, this is John Rascall from the ISA (Intergalactic Space Agency).

You have to come immediately to galaxy TRS-80!! There has been an spiritual attack from the ghosts again!!

We need your expertise, NOW!!!

Nitwit : Calm down John, I'll come over right away...

you : What's the matter professor??

Nitwit : The ghosts attacked again, I have to go on a journey for a while.

You must go home now, my assistant, the ghosts may be already in the building. Even in this lab...!

you : I'll go home right away...

Nitwit : but first I'll lock the mainframe and enable the patrol-device!
If the ghosts can connect to our computer, it would mean the end of humanity!!
We have to prevent that at all cause... I must leave now...

you : Why is that professor?

Nitwit : Very important info about the human genes is stored on the mainframe.
If it falls in the wrong hands, we're finished :(

you : Isn't that impossible? The mainframe is inside a satelite?? That looks safe to me!

Nitwit : Not completly until the firewall is started. Use the terminal in my office to secure it.

you : But how can I do that? I've never done that before!

Nitwit : Damn you, stupid boy! Here take this manual. I really have to go now!

you : Bye, professor. Don't forget to bring me a present...

--professor leaves--

you : Damn, Nitwit forgot to give me the password to start the security!

He forgot to give me all the passwords...

Shit!! Well, I'll have to crack it...

And here you are... in front of the mainframe... Let's crack and reverse... :)

Note : This crackme was submitted again on request, all email and web links in the zip file are invalid now.

Detten Crackme 11 : A little sto