Detten Crackme 12

Monday, June 02 2008 @ 07:23 PM CEST

Contributed by: detten

Level : 4/10
OS : windows
Language : ASM

Goal : Find the correct serial. Means: No patching or loaders allowed Extra: File is not packed, no code had been hidden. Don't try to bruteforce all combinations, too much work! Instead try to figure out the 'holes' in the code.

Story: You are standing in front of a large storageplace, no windows, only one door. Inside the building there are some pre-production nanocomputer prototypes (the only ones existing). In your left hand, you have a disk with a 2048 bits encrypted message you intercepted. You HAVE TO decypher it today! Otherwise you will never know the exact plans of the terrorists, and we all know how that ends... The computers inside the building are the only ones fast enough to brute force the message by tonight! So there you are, in front of that huge steel door, with only a keypad...

Detten Crackme 12