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 Wednesday, October 27 2021 @ 10:10 PM CEST
Yoda Protector 1.03.3 - manually unpacking | 4 comments | Create New Account
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Yoda Protector 1.03.3 - manually unpacking
Authored by: bengunn on Sunday, May 07 2006 @ 09:54 PM CEST
You will see this, obviously YourProgname will be the name of the prog you are debugging, click right mouse button on the line with CODE on it and select memory breakpoint on access then shift-f9.

Memory map
Address    Size       Owner          Section    Contains      Type   Access    Initial   Mapped as
00400000   00001000   YourProgname              PE header     Priv   R
00401000   0002C000   YourProgname   CODE       code          Priv   R  this line
0042D000   00001000   YourProgname   DATA       data          Priv   R
0042E000   00001000   YourProgname   BSS                      Priv   R
0042F000   00002000   YourProgname   .idata     imports       Priv   R
00431000   00001000   YourProgname   .tls                     Priv   R
00432000   00001000   YourProgname   .rdata                   Priv   R
00433000   00004000   YourProgname   .reloc     relocations   Priv   R
00437000   00003000   YourProgname   .rsrc      resources     Priv   R
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