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 Wednesday, October 20 2021 @ 09:43 PM CEST

Submitted by: TDC
Submitted: 2005-11-12 20:55
Downloads: 1792
File size: 54 kB

Download Now! TDC's CodeShield CM

Another 1337 crackme hehe, hope someone can solve it.

Don't let it crack ya mind hehe, you need your mind more than just today :)

greetz, TDC

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Valid code...
Authored by: [Wizzer] on Friday, December 30 2005 @ 08:32 PM CET
I've solved it in 15 min while drinking beer this evening :) This crackme is something like: enter serial and it will be used to make valid opcodes to show "You win" MessageBox :) So I didn't waste too much time... and made up this: rQW9e{+UXar
P.S.: set breakpoint on GetDlgItemTextA, story begins near address 4020F6 and below. See dump window(address 402121) where you can see that values are being changed. 402138 is the start of MessageBox, so decrypted opcodes(~23 bytes) shouldn't cause exceptions or misc long jumps. As for my serial, it will produce a couple of nops, some add al,0 etc... You can make up your own serial, it's up to you. As soon as author just asks for solution I think that my approach will do. By the way, this crackme is rated Level : 8/10, better would be 1-2/10. It's not very hard. Thanks... ;) 30/12/2005 [Wizzer] @ #c4n
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