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 Wednesday, September 22 2021 @ 05:25 AM CEST

Submitted by: viruset56
File name: hello.rar
Submitted: 2007-09-08 09:06
Downloads: 2738
File size: 9 kB

Download Now! Reversme : add resources

- Add 2 new sub menu-items under the menu-item 'File'.
- Call one of them 'Info'.
- The other one 'hide'.
- Add a seperator between 'hide' and 'exit'.
- Make the 'Info' button display an alert(OK button) with the text "Net Force Reverse Engineering Challenge".
- Disable the 'hide' button so you can't click it anymore and it's gray.
- Change the text "Hello World!" into "Reverse Engineering is cool!".
- Write a full tutorial on how you did it.
- Patch hello.exe and make everything work.

Tools to use:

- Dissambler (i.e. ollydbg)
- Patcher (or HEX editor / Ollydbg)
- HEX editor
- The use of a Resource Editor is strictly forbidden!!!

Good luck!

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