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Submitted by: detten
File name:
Submitted: 2011-09-08 14:06
Downloads: 2763
File size: 176 kB

Download Now! Challenge #10 by sharpe

OK, here we are again with a new series of challenges, which will start with number 10. This one isn’t that difficult but it requires that you consider new options. I left half of this challenge easy to help you along, so you can solve this one two ways, the tough way and the easier way. Here’s a tip: read all the code, there isn’t much.

Here are the guidelines:

- Find the number of Nerf darts
- Find the hash (it’s a number)
- Generate the valid MD5 like so: MD5(:)
- Enter the MD5 and press the “Unlock” button to decrypt the code
- Press the “Go” button to see if you got it right.
- Verify your hash here:


- Decrypt the code (you’re such a brute!)
- Verify your hash here:

Have fun!

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Submitted by: planethax
File name:
Submitted: 2008-08-14 17:24
Downloads: 13141
File size: 11 kB

Download Now! Very Easy CrackMe

While trying to figure out another very easy crackme I was messing with VB.

I ended up making my own CrackMe (very first!!!! )

This is very easy, initially it was too easy, first BP and serial was sitting in your face lol, so I added an extra compare (hint)

NO PATCHING! This is too easy to Patch
Serial Fishing is Acceptable on 1 Condition -
*****When Posting your serial, you must also Post the Process you used to get the seria!*****
Keygenning is Ultimate Goal!


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Submitted by: libertyordeath
File name: Keygenme_v3.tar.gz
Submitted: 2008-08-05 02:43
Downloads: 3164
File size: 4 kB

Download Now! LibertyorDeath's Linux Keygenme

There was an error in my previous upload causing the program to only run on my system here is the fixed and working version enjoy

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Submitted by: detten
File name: Bispoo_keygen1.rar
Submitted: 2008-07-14 18:50
Downloads: 5059
File size: 10 kB

Download Now! Bispoo Keygenme#1

This is my first Crackme! Its all Written in Assembler, Everything is allowed,
you can patch etc, write a small txt how you've done it,
if you bother, write a keygen , that's all. Hope u enjoy it!

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Submitted by: libertyordeath
File name: keygenme.tar.gz
Submitted: 2008-07-13 15:18
Downloads: 2980
File size: 3 kB

Download Now! LibertyorDeaths Linux KeygenMe #

LibertyorDeaths Linux Crackme #1Just a small linux crackme written in C.
Was compiled on Ubuntu 8.04 with gcc.
Executable has been stripped.


No patching, find a valid serial and if you wish keygen it.
Shouldnt be very hard first crackme I have done would like suggestions.

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Submitted by: detten
File name: detcrackme13.rar
Submitted: 2008-06-02 19:29
Downloads: 3499
File size: 2 kB

Download Now! Detten Crackme 13

To solve this crackme, you have to do 2 things :

- Make a working dump of the program.

- find a serial for your name, or better, make a keygenerator

That's it!

And of course no patching in the registration algo ;)

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Submitted by: detten
File name:
Submitted: 2008-06-02 19:23
Downloads: 3187
File size: 3 kB

Download Now! Detten Crackme 12

Goal : Find the correct serial.

Means: No patching or loaders allowed

Extra: File is not packed, no code had been hidden.

Don't try to bruteforce all combinations, too much work!

Instead try to figure out the 'holes' in the code.

Story: You are standing in front of a large storageplace, no windows, only one

door. Inside the building there are some pre-production nanocomputer

prototypes (the only ones existing).

In your left hand, you have a disk with a 2048 bits encrypted message you

intercepted. You HAVE TO decypher it today! Otherwise you will never know

the exact plans of the terrorists, and we all know how that ends...

The computers inside the building are the only ones fast enough to brute

force the message by tonight!

So there you are, in front of that huge steel door, with only a keypad...

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Submitted by: detten
File name:
Submitted: 2008-03-13 18:45
Downloads: 6317
File size: 35 kB

Download Now! Detten Crackme 11 : A little sto

Nitwit : Professor Nitwit speaking...

Rascall: Professor, this is John Rascall from the ISA (Intergalactic Space Agency).

You have to come immediately to galaxy TRS-80!! There has been an spiritual attack from the ghosts again!!

We need your expertise, NOW!!!

Nitwit : Calm down John, I'll come over right away...

you : What's the matter professor??

Nitwit : The ghosts attacked again, I have to go on a journey for a while.

You must go home now, my assistant, the ghosts may be already in the building. Even in this lab...!

you : I'll go home right away...

Nitwit : but first I'll lock the mainframe and enable the patrol-device!
If the ghosts can connect to our computer, it would mean the end of humanity!!
We have to prevent that at all cause... I must leave now...

you : Why is that professor?

Nitwit : Very important info about the human genes is stored on the mainframe.

If it falls in the wrong hands, we're finished :(

you : Isn't that impossible? The mainframe is inside a satelite?? That looks safe to me!

Nitwit : Not completly until the firewall is started. Use the terminal in my office to secure it.

you : But how can I do that? I've never done that before!

Nitwit : Damn you, stupid boy! Here take this manual. I really have to go now!

you : Bye, professor. Don't forget to bring me a present...
--professor leaves--
you : Damn, Nitwit forgot to give me the password to start the security!

He forgot to give me all the passwords...

Shit!! Well, I'll have to crack it...
And here you are... in front of the mainframe...

Let's crack and reverse... :)

Note : This crackme was submitted again on request, all email and web links in the zip file are invalid now.

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Submitted by: detten
File name:
Submitted: 2008-03-13 18:32
Downloads: 4265
File size: 29 kB

Download Now! Detten Crackme 10

GOAL : Find a correct serial, no patching allowed.
TECHNIQUE : A multipart serial with internal checks.

Resubmit of an old crackme on request.

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Submitted by: pageup-pagedown
File name:
Submitted: 2008-02-22 13:40
Downloads: 6879
File size: 491 kB

Download Now! Dropper Creator v0.2

Dropper Creator by Conflict:

Dropper_Creator create new section in Target
Save shellcode and dropped files to section
No Entry Point change
When Target is executed shellcode save dropped files
to destination and return to orig program
Dropped files + path + hidden + execution are your choice

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