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 Thursday, October 06 2022 @ 09:13 AM CEST

Serial fishing; BoR0 & TDC's X-Converter

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TutorialsLevel : beginner

Author: LazykEY a.k.a Fredro

Target: X-Converter here

Tools used: Ollydbg, PEiD

Goal: To gain the full features of this program by serial fishing.

ok, to start off I just want to say that this is my first tutorial and it might contain some unclearness and errors, but I'll do my best, feel free to drop a comment at the end.

well, I think it's time to begin, so our target will be BoR0 & TDC's tool called X-Converter you can download it here

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Most Recent Post: 02/01 10:08PM by Fredro

Enigma protector 1.02 - manually unpacking

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TutorialsLevel : intermediate

Enigma protector 1.02 - manually unpacking

Enigma protector 1.02 is another PE file protector. It is still in development and this version is a free demo without limitations. As a target for this tutorial I choose the protector itself because it has all options enabled that it has to offer us. Plus, unpacking a file that I didn't previously packed is chalenging because I do not know what the original was looking like. I must say that this protector gave me some problems, I was writing this tutorial (and that means unpacking it) for a couple of days. Tutorial is not hard to understand but since it's not linear (I was restarting target multiple times) , it is not for beginners. Let's say that it is on intermediate level. At the end of the tutorial, I will show how the protected target can be easily inline patched. Well, not so easy , but it can be easier than unpacking it.

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Old BiW website

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NewsSince quite some people asked if the old biw site could be put back online, it's back!

Same URL as always :

Though the archive is getting outdated slowly, there are still many interesting tutorials and crackmes to start learning keygenning/reversing.


Most Recent Post: 01/09 12:55PM by BoR0

Yoda Protector 1.03.3 - manually unpacking

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TutorialsLevel : beginner

Yoda Protector 1.03.3 - manually unpacking

This tutorial will describe manually unpacking last Yoda Protector version 1.03.3. Tutorial will focus on main yP problem, running protected file under debugger.

1. Introduction

Hi, friends and welcome to new unpacking tutorial. As I sad, yP 1.03.3 is last yoda protector version and author has decided to stop project. He is planing to start new one. I have already wrote tutorial for unpacking 1.03.2beta vesion, which is prety indentical as this one, but that tutorial didn't described how to run protected file under debugger. This tutorial will show how anti-debug tricks can be easy avoided and bypassed.

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Most Recent Post: 05/07 09:54PM by bengunn

Kanal23 Trial Crackme 0.1 Solution Tutorial

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TutorialsLevel : newbie

Solution for the newbie crackme 'Kanal23 Trial 0.1', featuring kill a nag, enable a button, find serial.

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Most Recent Post: 03/19 01:27PM by d3ltr33
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