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 Thursday, June 01 2023 @ 02:48 PM CEST
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Top Ten Links

  • Art of Assembly Language Programming and HLA by Randal Hyde (5807)
    Randy Hyde's acclaimed texts on assembly language programming, is the most-often recommended book on 80x86 assembly language programming in newsgroups, on web sites, and by word of mouth.(HLA syntax)
  • Protools (4956)
    Protools is the ultimate tools collection webpage.
    Has debuggers, memory patchers, disassemblers, decompilers and many many more.
  • Ollydbg (4633)
    OllyDbg is a 32-bit assembler level analysing debugger for Microsoft® Windows®. Emphasis on binary code analysis makes it particularly useful in cases where source is unavailable.
  • Swedish Cracking Academy (4588)
    A swedish community wich mostly concentrates on reversing keygenerating algorithms. It's in swedish :)
  • Protools II (4571)
    The new, ultimate collection Protools is expanded by this new, good looking webpage.
  • BiW Reversing (old mirror) (4229)
    Our previous webplace. Still contains a large number of useful tutorials and crackmes. The old forum is discontinued, but still browsable.
  • PVDasm (4203)
    Proview (a.k.a: PVDasm) is: Interactive, Multi-Cpu (x86/Chip8) Disassembler.
    the Disassembler engine has been coded by Ben, and it's free for Public Usage.
    Proview (PVDasm) is my attempt to make a Disassembler as a part for school final project and for basic knowledge & fun!
    PVDasm is fully coded in C (IDE: MS-VC++.6.0), a bit of C++ Classes and STL Templates for internal memory management.
  • Iczelion's Win32 Assembly Homepage (4093)
    Here you'll find information on how to program Win32 applications using Assembly Language. (MASM syntax)
  • PVPHP - Online x86 Disassembler (4027)
    PVPHP Is the First ever seen x86 Online Disassembler,
    which is capable of disassembling a PE based executable files.

    The project is ported from the pvdasm core engine source to full php. and includes all the instructions set pvdasm is using (MMX,SSEx,3DNow!,FPU,Intel).
    the PVPHP Project is more aimed for *nix / linux / mac users.
    however can be used with any broswer online and on any OS.
  • Intel IA-32 Software Developer's Manuals (3979)
    IA-32 Intel® Architecture Software Developer's Manuals describe the architecture and programming environment of IA-32 Intel Architecture processors.

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