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 Welcome to BiW Reversing
 Sunday, March 24 2019 @ 10:23 AM CET
1ColorFind the correct color/number grid3/10MiNoSDelphi
2OldfProve that you are oldschool :p4/10MiNoSQBasic
3WarhammingFind the serial for this DOS ASM crackme6/10MiNoSASM
4TaskListAdd the requested functionality to this little win32 reversme4/10DettenASM
5WormholeFind the wormhole entrance hotkey1/10MarchhareDelphi
6SuperFunkyMake a working keygen for this challenge3/10BswapASM
7OpportunityMake a keygen for this challenge with a difference3/10BswapASM
8TryThisPower on the 5 leds in this linux challenge4/10DettenC++ (GTKmm)

If you solve the above challenges, you will be ranked in the hall-of-fame below.
Send your solution + tutorial to here The more challenges you solve the higher you will be ranked.

Hall-of-fame for Challenge 2
RankNameStarted12345 6789101112131415Total
1StingDuk09 Apr 2003XXXXX XXX-------28
2Kerberos08 Feb 2004XX-XX XXX-------22
3The Bacter11 Aug 2003XX-XX XX--------18
4Wizard07 Jan 2004XX-XX XX--------18
5Bswap12 May 2003XXXXX ----------18
6BadSector14 Dec 2004XX-X- XX--------17
7the F.I.D.O11 Oct 2003X--XX X---------11
8Chiwaka14 Nov 2002X---X X-X-------11
9TheRawGod12 Jul 2003X---X XX--------10
10Relative Anonymity14 Dec 2004----X X-X-------8
11HMS28 Jun 2004---X- X---------7
12Snowbit15 Apr 2004XX--- ----------7
13kao08 Feb 2004----X XX--------7
14therapy07 Aug 2004---X- -X--------7
15Crocque29 Nov 2002-X--X ----------5
16EnemySpy02 Oct 2005----X X---------4
17TDC14 Apr 2006---X- ----------4
18_Death23 Jul 2002-X--- ----------4
19fuss03 Nov 2002X---X ----------4
20Durexlw01 Jan 2009----X X---------4
21shield20 Dec 2002---X- ----------4
22OorjaHalT08 Apr 2003----X -X--------4
23BlueBit12 May 2003----X X---------4
24Marchhare20 Aug 2006X---- ----------3
25coder28 Jun 2004----- -X--------3
26pHoEniX26 Feb 2005----- X---------3
27IceKiller02 Nov 2002----X ----------1
28X-Lock02 Nov 2002----X ----------1
29Chainie03 Nov 2002----X ----------1
30Koderz11 Jul 2003----X ----------1
31Miele07 Nov 2002----X ----------1
32thefreecat22 Apr 2004----X ----------1
33guyonasm03 Nov 2002----X ----------1

Hall-of-fame for Challenge 1
RankNameStarted12345 6789101112131415Total
1chiwaka14 Jan 2002XXXXX XXXXXXXXXX59
2figugegl21 Oct 2001XXXXX XXXXXXXX-X53
3CoDe_InSiDe28 Dec 2001XX-XX XX---XXX--27
4motilius16 Jan 2002XX-XX XX----XX--21
5Berilium06 Oct 2001XXXXX XX--------17
6Basse06 Dec 2001XX-XX XX---X----17
7Bswap21 Feb 2003----- ------XX--9
8Odibosal13 Oct 2001-X-XX XX--------8
9X-Lock15 Nov 2002----- ------X---6
10Zairon08 Nov 2001----- ----X-----5
11The Claw12 Mar 2002-X-X- ----------5
12Marchhare16 Aug 2002----X XX--------3
13ynguith020 Oct 2001----X X---------2

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