Challenge #10 by sharpe

Thursday, September 08 2011 @ 02:06 PM CEST

Contributed by: sharpe

Level : 3/10
OS : windows
Language : C++

OK, here we are again with a new series of challenges, which will start with number 10. This one isn’t that difficult but it requires that you consider new options. I left half of this challenge easy to help you along, so you can solve this one two ways, the tough way and the easier way. Here’s a tip: read all the code, there isn’t much.

Here are the guidelines:

- Find the number of Nerf darts
- Find the hash (it’s a number)
- Generate the valid MD5 like so: MD5(:)
- Enter the MD5 and press the “Unlock” button to decrypt the code
- Press the “Go” button to see if you got it right.
- Verify your hash here:


- Decrypt the code (you’re such a brute!) - Verify your hash here:

Have fun! sharpe

Challenge #10 by sharpe